Changing the Tone of the Relationship – Plain Truth 60

You know, I found this song to be of high interest. It had nothing to do with the video or how beautiful Janet Jackson was (that was a given). It really had to do with the subject matter. It showed restraint in the eye of lust. It showed will-power within the depths of a […]

You Love Her, But Do You Respect Her? – Plain Truth 58

I swear that Case may need a minor version of Unsung (or major). This song was the j-a-m. Case sings his poor heart out about missing a lost love. It gets to the point where his pain and loneliness is synonymous with an overextending desert (see the video). “Missing You” is that song for […]

To Abstain or Not to Abstain: Just Go Get Laid (CCL 60)

I always noted that people in bad moods should “get laid”. Usually, I said it out of pure jest. However, it wasn’t all for shits and giggles. Some people just needed to let go of their cares and worries. So, a suggestion of sexual satisfaction would always be the ace in the back pocket.

No, […]

Marriage: Black Folks Need to Get It Together – CCL 59

I love it when my people work to find a better understanding.

In recent history, Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses wrote a piece dealing with the decline of males seeking marriage. Entitled When Did Black Men Decide Against “Protect, Provide & Please” For Their Women?, it analyzes what has gone grown for many (not all) of the people […]

Manti Te’o and the Catfish Scam – Plain Truth 46

Now this song is another one of those classics that cannot be denied. It is so classic that there is a hand-clap-gesture that people do with this song. Plenty of rappers have sampled its instrumentals. Plus, it precedes the inclusion of social media and the internet into society. Thus, it is safe to say […]

Closure: Find it For Yourself – Plain Truth 43

Before Tamar was telling silly people to “get yo life”, Toni Braxton released this song for the sake of chin checking all the unworthy ones. From Toni’s perspective, he wasn’t man enough. Toni had her time with him. She is WAY past that situation. Therefore, the other woman was wasting her time asking about […]

Love Out of Convenience – Plain Truth 41

If Bilal can do anything, he can touch the soul. Those effortlessly silky vocals always touch the inner recesses of ones feelings and emotions. The production that he chooses only enhances his musical aura. His experiences come out as musical notes and funky basslines. Seemingly, Bilal is a man that was born to express […]

The Disconnect Between Men and Women – Plain Truth 38

Kweli drops a lot of knowledge on this track right here. Men and women ARE fundamentally different. However, too many times one sex tries to “think for the other”. Other times, we want to put each other in a little box, label it, and make it the truth for all. Most of the time, […]

After Going Hmmm: My response to Diggame – Plain Truth 32

Some will wonder why I’m answering someone else’s questions. Well, Boss Man Diggame (Of Ashy 2 Classy) came up with these questions to make us think. Personally, I always wanted to answer rhetorical inquiries. Plus, I can entertain you all. So, in my eyes, this situation was a win win.

Peep my answers and be […]

Powerful Men and Cheating: Response to Belkin and LaMott (CCL – 45)

Cheating is that inescapable occurrence in the relationship world. More than anything, it is a sign that there is a problem. For some, it may mean that the partner (male or female) are having some pure fidelity issues. In some cases, however, it is a telltale sign that the relationship has bigger complications to […]