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Does Music Affect Intellect? – Chocolate Covered Lies 53

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

Let it be said: I feel that music is a necessity for living. If you could have asked William Congreve, he would have said music soothes the savage beast (breast). If you ask Mr. Cheeks from the Lost Boys, he would […]

Sexual Stereotypes I – CCL #42

Hey everybody! Did you all miss me?

No? Well, I’m back…..

I don’t know about you, but I do tend to enjoy the occasional sexual stereotype. Personally, I find the comedic value to be almost colossal. Also, the lack of truth that some stereotypes possess have always makes me cover my face with a smirk. Plus, […]

Drug Addiction and Music – CCL #38

Music has been seen as a gateway to another land. People use it as an escape from all the muck and mire life tends to offer. Also, it adds as “enhancer” and/or “corroborator” to a person’s feelings and emotions. Even beyond the regular take, many have used music to “help save themselves”. Whether we […]

Better Than Stereotypes: Black Men, Hip Hop, and Media Negativity (Pt. 1) (CCL #29)

There appears to be something wrong with our black men. Stereotypically, we are unworthy fathers, sex hungry simpletons, or slovenly slumping under our women. We have become all the way lackluster. We are not the leaders that we are supposed to be. We are not the family men we are supposed to be. In […]

Sorry Charlie, You Don’t Have Haters: CCL #17

You have heard it all before.                Someone always has to feel as if the world is against them. People must always express their feelings of being held down, denigrated, or downplayed. Sensible notes of struggle become a Stromboli filled with supple, yet subtle views of outer schadenfreude. Yet, there are probably […]