Understanding The Power of Prayer

(Sidenote: this isn’t a post about religion. This post is about the importance of something being “bigger than ourselves”. When I get into it, you will finally figure out where I was going with everything.)

One faithful day at work, I was on “hall way duty” (making sure the kids went to class and not […]

American Education and its Consistent Overhaul – CCL 69

Reform in education has become as American as apple pie. From the pages of the often referred A Nation At Risk to the high-shooting-but-low-aim having No Child Left Behind, there has always been a sense that American education “isn’t good enough”. Let movies like Waiting For Superman tell it, it is your teachers that […]

We All Struggle In Life – Plain Truth 42

This post is dedicated to my homeboy that I am “counseling”. Peep every word, sir:

I have made it to post 100!!! Chyeah!!!

Now back to the regularly scheduled program….

A cool cat from my great childhood years in Gary, Indiana reminded me of this heat rock. This song, coming from a GREAT album, tells how I […]

Blacks and Mental Health – CCL 35

So, Chris Lighty was found dead from an apparent suicide.

The significance of this situation is paramount and in need of conversation. There should always be a cause of concern for suicides. Even more so, there needs to be concern when the person is either “famous” or “wealthy” business people. Situations like this seem to […]

Seeking the Infinitely Impossible: Imperfection within Seeking Perfection (CCL 18)

                Growing up, I always worked to make things happen the way “I felt” they should happen. I tried my hardest to make sure things “worked”. Whether it was at school, in relationships, or even at certain jobs, I wanted things to “roll smoothly”. I had the thoughts of the pretty wife, […]