After Going Hmmm: My response to Diggame – Plain Truth 32

Some will wonder why I’m answering someone else’s questions. Well, Boss Man Diggame (Of Ashy 2 Classy) came up with these questions to make us think. Personally, I always wanted to answer rhetorical inquiries. Plus, I can entertain you all. So, in my eyes, this situation was a win win.

Peep my answers and be […]

Poor Grammar People – Plain Truth 31

I don’t know about you, but I always took pride in my spelling. There is always something about incorrect spelling to me. For the most part, it makes you look illiterate. Also, it makes it seem as if you don’t read or write enough. For me, not being able to spell has been something […]

The Race Card ( Always Bet On Black) – Plain Truth 30

Well, I bet many of you never heard THIS song. This is probably one of the most inspirational songs during its inception. Yet, it never got the burn. Maybe because radio wasn’t radio for this type of music dealing with melanin pride. Or, maybe there is that idea of “post racial America”. Beyond all […]

Sexual Stereotypes I – CCL #42

Hey everybody! Did you all miss me?

No? Well, I’m back…..

I don’t know about you, but I do tend to enjoy the occasional sexual stereotype. Personally, I find the comedic value to be almost colossal. Also, the lack of truth that some stereotypes possess have always makes me cover my face with a smirk. Plus, […]

Drug Addiction and Music – CCL #38

Music has been seen as a gateway to another land. People use it as an escape from all the muck and mire life tends to offer. Also, it adds as “enhancer” and/or “corroborator” to a person’s feelings and emotions. Even beyond the regular take, many have used music to “help save themselves”. Whether we […]

Prisons or Modern Day Slavery: CCL 37

More mental health issues, anyone? Let’s go!

An article has come out dealing with a prison management company making quizzical demands. A $250 million proposal from private prison management company, Corrections Corporation of America, is asking 48 states to promise the corporation a 90% occupancy rate for 20 years (at least) [1]. This comes at […]

Better Than Stereotypes: Black Men, Hip Hop, and Media Negativity (Pt. 1) (CCL #29)

There appears to be something wrong with our black men. Stereotypically, we are unworthy fathers, sex hungry simpletons, or slovenly slumping under our women. We have become all the way lackluster. We are not the leaders that we are supposed to be. We are not the family men we are supposed to be. In […]

Dating in a Hip Hop Society

People need to check this out. And that is all I have to say about this.