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    When Do Black People Stop Caring About Other Races’ Opinions? – CCL 85

When Do Black People Stop Caring About Other Races’ Opinions? – CCL 85

One bad apple spoils the bunch. – Unknown

A bad apple may spoil the bunch because we never open the bag and toss its spoiled ass out. – Darcwonn1906

Being Black in America tends to be something of a difficult process. For the most part, Black people are far from perfect. However, as a race, we […]

Dear Larry Elder: Shut The Hell Up – CCL 78

Larry Elder, Larry Elder, Larry Elder.

We all know you as the intellectually speaking, rabble rousing Black man that tends to be the “pseudo-mirror” for all African Americans. I respect your approach and I respect your hustle (it IS how you make your money). Also, I understand your take on things. You want Black people […]

Bad Black Men: Statistical Suffrage (CCL 29.5)

Sometimes, I feel as if people believe what they want to believe. Other times, I feel that people are being “sheeple” following the rest of the herd. So, we are usually going to have two cases here: those that lead and those that follow. It is quite simple in calculation. In the end, there […]

Better Than Stereotypes: Black Men, Hip Hop, and Media Negativity (Pt. 1) (CCL #29)

There appears to be something wrong with our black men. Stereotypically, we are unworthy fathers, sex hungry simpletons, or slovenly slumping under our women. We have become all the way lackluster. We are not the leaders that we are supposed to be. We are not the family men we are supposed to be. In […]

Monchhichis in Street Clothes (Chocolate Covered Lie #7)

(Another oldie but goodie from 2008… it and relate)

          If life has taught me anything, it has taught me to be authentic. When you are authentic, your motivation is to be as honest as possible. You try not to surprise anyone. You will rarely do things to impress people because you […]