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    Take the Time to Realize You Love Someone – Plain Truth 98

Take the Time to Realize You Love Someone – Plain Truth 98


Sometimes, there are situations where your significant other seems to be “trippin’ out”. Maybe they aren’t acknowledging the obvious. Or, maybe you aren’t realizing the truth of the situation. No matter the situation, this Prince Markie Dee song makes sense. In retrospect, people have to figure out what their present situation holds.   […]

What is Love – I Just Want Opinions

Travelling through this thing called “life”, I notice that many of us have differing opinions on certain things. Many people may think that Michael Jordan is the best player, while others harken back to the days of Bill Russell. Also, some may think that the Beatles are the best rock band ever. Then again, […]

When Your Ex Just Won’t Let Go – Plain Truth 81

People know NOTHING about this track right here. This is that love song for all the underground hip hop heads out there. Truth Enola did his thing on this. But Jean Grae brought it home on her verse. I mean, what is better than love that was nourishing and now that has to end? […]

  • That is a good question: WHEN will it end?
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    Dear America: You Have Failed Trayvon Martin And Everyone Else

Dear America: You Have Failed Trayvon Martin And Everyone Else

George Zimmerman was found not guilty.
On one hand, this doesn’t shock me one bit. The fact that this case even went to trial for so long kind of led me to believe that Zimmerman would get off easy. The prosecution team did spotty at best. Some of the witnesses for Trayvon were off to […]

  • Han Solo is the only one that should concern himself.
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    The Problem With People And Why Their Train of Thought Is Corny – CCL 76

The Problem With People And Why Their Train of Thought Is Corny – CCL 76

Alright, you all. I know I can rub people the wrong way. I know that I can get on people’s nerves. Within all of that, I know that my approach can become an acquired taste. Thus, I know that there are times when I am probably overstepping the line.At other instances, I just like […]

Earning Back Someone’s Trust – Plain Truth 75

Intriguing enough, Drake released this version of Trust Issues to feature The Weeknd. Since this would be a remix, it would only be fitting. We all know that remixes feature a different take and/or perspective. From there, people can take the situation to new heights and directions. Thus, I think this version is just […]

Hope is Killing Your Life As You KNOW IT – CCL 72

The way we, as people, think and act tends to sadden me. Some of us believe in things that we shouldn’t even waste time on. Yet, we keep it moving in HOPE to actually succeed with our beliefs. Sometimes, our HOPES and dreams do come true. However, in many cases, things just don’t materialize. […]

Stop Beating Yourself Up – Plain Truth 69

Kendrick Lamar had it right with this jam right here. Some people just need to be left to their own devices. As much as you love and care for them, their burdens become YOUR burdens. When that happens, then there has to be a change. Either they lighten up the load OR you cut […]

People Cheat All The Time – Plain Truth 68

Common brought out the realness with this song. This song pretty much found him pondering religion, sexuality, and the true meaning of “staying true” to a relationship. He isn’t without his own faults. However, he did work to make the most of a situation. In summation, he realized that he wanted to be a […]

Humans are Screwed Up by Selfishness – Chocolate Covered Lies Pt. 66

While having a fun time break/dinner with a friend/client (of sorts), we started having a conversation. Seeing that we both have mutual associates, she started sharing some stories about a few of them. All through the conversation, I started learning about some of the people I involve myself with. Some of the revelations were […]