Ryan Lochte is a White Privilege Pimp

Ryan Lochte knew what he was doing the moment he came up with that incredulous lie about being robbed at gunpoint in Brazil. However, I’m going to explain this after I build up the context of this main idea.

Ryan Lochte was raised in New York by a Cuban mother and a Dutch/German/English father. Eventually, […]

Gabby Douglas Being Bullied

Gabby Douglas had to deal with plenty of foolishness in 2012. Instead of a focus on her youthful success, there was more criticism about her hair. After that came the support. Many people realized that her hair isn’t really much of a factor because she is being athletic. And being athletic deals with having […]

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The Get Down – Reason Behind The Rhyme

Before watching The Get Down, I understood hip hop to be in a strange place. In fact, there is a systematic divide between the old and the new. The old would rather have there be a “return to the roots” of what the music (and the culture) should be all about. In turn, the […]

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Richard Sherman: All Star Disappointment

Richard Sherman hasn’t made a statement he didn’t like. In previous situations, he has battled Skip Bayless, shown his professional disdain for Michael Crabtree, and blatantly question BLM. Whether outrageously loud or stern with focus, Sherman has made it his business to express himself. You already can tell that his organization supports it. Otherwise, […]

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Jesse Williams and Flowing White Tears

Jesse Williams received the Humanitarian Award at the BET Awards 2016. And he was rightfully awarded. Williams has dedicated himself to the plight of the maligned people of America for quite some time. In fact, he has picked up the baton that Harry Belafonte used to carry during the Civil Rights era. So, this […]

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BET Awards 2016: All Black Everything

BET tried to get its life together. And for that I am proud. Even with the missteps, I can’t say I hate what they tried to do. I will actually commend them for what it is worth. Might as well go through the highlights of it all.

And no, this was not written in real […]

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Lebron James is the King of Trolls

Lebron James helped make history on June 19, 2016 by winning an NBA Championship. For one, he was the first player to lead BOTH teams in all major statistical categories. Second, he assisted Cleveland in becoming the first team to come back from being down 3-1 to win the series. And then there is […]

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Black Twitter vs Elle Varner

Black Twitter is that title for the response that people may get for saying something crazy in reference to any topic. It is your usual consortium of Black people that will “drag you through the dirt” for saying something disagreeable. Most of the time, I can get with the logic of the people that […]

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Death of Muhammad Ali Brings Out Haters

(artwork by Chris Piascik. His website is here!)

Muhammad Ali may be considered one of the greatest fighters of all time. His use of his hands was quite lethal. More lethal than that was his impressive application of the human language through sonnet and rhyme. Even moreso, Ali was a man that fought tooth and […]

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Troy Ave and Keeping It Real Going Wrong

Troy Ave is a rapper that I always wanted to win. Although he was never the greatest rapper, I always enjoyed his take on things. Plus, his “Bricks In My Backpack” series of mixtapes held it down when I thirsted for a hardcore East Coast approach to music. I still felt like Troy should […]

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