The Breakfast Club Is The Radio Show For Fuck Shit

The Breakfast Club was a favorite of mine during morning work commutes. Mostly, it was the conversations and interviews that kept me engaged. Also, there would always be some type of “gossip” type of information that would allow me to analyze the lives of famous people. And then, there was The Donkey of the […]

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Mike Vick Lost His Invite To The Barbeque

Mike Vick, for better or worse, is a vindicated man. His rise and fall was so meteoric that many of my people (black people) was thrown off. All of it over dog fighting. Rather than wallow in his guilt, Vick decided to serve his time, get back into the league, and perform. And that […]

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Jay-Z’s Pro-Blackness Is Hugely Overrated

Politics is defined as the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power. And we all know that politics have shown their way throughout the history of hip hop music. When Public Enemy said “Fight The […]

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Jay-Z and Ahistorical Ageism in Hip Hop

Jay-Z has been turning heads since he dropped 4:44. Many have lauded his album as a return to his classic-album-making-roots: dope beats, dope lyrics, and substantial substance. Others have called him out for either being judgmental, a hater, or an opportunist. Whatever position people take on his music, Sean Carter became platinum in less […]

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Rob Kardashian Proves Men Are Trash

Rob Kardashian proved to be this week’s biggest sucker.

In recent history, his ex Blac Chyna (his former fiancée, (former) stripper, and mother to his child) has been accused/caught up cheating with another man. It has been said that she was doing dirty deeds in her child’s bed. Being that she got caught up, Rob […]

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Black People Need A Holiday on July 5th

Today is July 5th. Yesterday was July 4th. Let me implore you: can black people just live?

I understand that our melanated struggle is never-ending in this country of counter-productive race relations culminated through capitalistic policies. And I am inspired to do better as much as you are. After watching Get Out and listening to […]

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    Ice Cube Politely Chin Checks Bill Maher And I Am Here for It

Ice Cube Politely Chin Checks Bill Maher And I Am Here for It

Before I start, let me remind you: Ice Cube used logic and not idealism per se. Yes, this is the same man that has used misogynistic themes in his music. Yes, this is the creator of the club smash “We Be Clubbin’”. But, this will not disqualify him from speaking on a subject that […]

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    Materialism, Kendrick Lamar, and How Twitter Should Mind Its Damn Business

Materialism, Kendrick Lamar, and How Twitter Should Mind Its Damn Business

Materialism is always around to ruin a good thing, I tell you.

Picture the scenario: you are a recent high school graduate. You are extremely thrilled with the prospects of doing something with your life after four years of toil, trepidation, and a weak cafeteria version of Taco Tuesday. Yet, you still made it through […]

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Katy Perry and Audible Appropriation

Today’s lesson will be about appropriation.

The appropriation that I will speak on has nothing to do with the simple “taking something of use from someone without permission”. This (mis)appropriation is culturally based: the adoption or use of elements from one culture to another. Typically, this is harmful because it bastardizes the original form for […]

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Is’Nana The Were-Spider Vol 1: In Review

When I think of the folklore that is Anansi, I recall teenage mischief. I never had the chance to really grow up hearing about Anansi as a child. Rather, I gained knowledge of the king of all stories by way of Denzel Washington and UB40. Their Jamaican spiced version aired on HBO during the […]

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