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    Ice Cube Politely Chin Checks Bill Maher And I Am Here for It

Ice Cube Politely Chin Checks Bill Maher And I Am Here for It

Before I start, let me remind you: Ice Cube used logic and not idealism per se. Yes, this is the same man that has used misogynistic themes in his music. Yes, this is the creator of the club smash “We Be Clubbin’”. But, this will not disqualify him from speaking on a subject that […]

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    Materialism, Kendrick Lamar, and How Twitter Should Mind Its Damn Business

Materialism, Kendrick Lamar, and How Twitter Should Mind Its Damn Business

Materialism is always around to ruin a good thing, I tell you.

Picture the scenario: you are a recent high school graduate. You are extremely thrilled with the prospects of doing something with your life after four years of toil, trepidation, and a weak cafeteria version of Taco Tuesday. Yet, you still made it through […]

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Louisiana and its Prison System Gets an Open Letter

Dear Louisiana,

How can I even begin?

I want to thank you for all of the substance you have added to the American lexicon. Your land and cultural influence gave birth to jazz, swamp pop, and zydeco. Your eating delicacies range from gumbo, jambalaya, to even Popeye’s chicken. The Essence Festival, The Vodoo Experience, and the […]

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Katy Perry and Audible Appropriation

Today’s lesson will be about appropriation.

The appropriation that I will speak on has nothing to do with the simple “taking something of use from someone without permission”. This (mis)appropriation is culturally based: the adoption or use of elements from one culture to another. Typically, this is harmful because it bastardizes the original form for […]

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Is’Nana The Were-Spider Vol 1: In Review

When I think of the folklore that is Anansi, I recall teenage mischief. I never had the chance to really grow up hearing about Anansi as a child. Rather, I gained knowledge of the king of all stories by way of Denzel Washington and UB40. Their Jamaican spiced version aired on HBO during the […]

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    Five Comic and Sci Fi Movies Better Than They Should Have Been

Five Comic and Sci Fi Movies Better Than They Should Have Been

Guardians of The Galaxy 2 is out and I am going to go see it. That’s right. I’m going to sport my Rocket Racoon shirt, maybe get some popcorn, and enjoy the show in all its glory. Even if I only get to see Baby Groot do something childishly dumb, it will all be […]

Get Off Barack Obama’s Back

Barack Obama owes the United States nothing at this point. Yet, people want to collect from him.

To be clear, Obama has dealt with a lot of disrespect and admonishment during his 8 years as President of the United States. If he wasn’t called “weak”, then there was question about his nationality. If the nationality […]

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Tyrese Chauvinistic Misogynistic Wisdom

So, Tyrese is obviously talking to advertise for his movie that is out in theaters. Either that or he hasn’t seen a microphone that he doesn’t adore. In a recent interview with BET, Tyrese had a lot to say about those loose women out there in the world. If you don’t recall his words, […]

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There Are 72 Hours In A Day (Book Review)

There Are 72 Hours In A Day. Read that and become just as intrigued as I was when I first read the title.

There Are 72 Hours In A Day is a book written by Jeffrey Sterling. Being personally connected to the author, I was really intrigued to see just what he came up with. […]

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Pepsi Uses Protest to Pimp Soda Pop

Whatever anyone may feel about them, protests are not situations of jest, imitation, or uninformed parody. Protests deal with people’s lives on different levels. If the protest doesn’t typically deal with wellbeing, it deals with the right to life. With that understood, protests are not something that should be imitated for the sake of […]

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