Black People Should WANT To Support Black People – Plain Truth 74

Ice Cube represented pure truth on this track. Basically, it is about being “true to your people, your heritage, and yourself”. These images are something to understand. Just because you don’t want to associate with your race doesn’t automatically disallow you to experience the hardships. At the end of the day, all we got […]

Please Want Better For Yourself – Plain Truth 71

All feminine activities and foolishness aside, Marvin’s Room by Drake does explain how some people feel when they lose the ones they love. I don’t approve of the haterism and jealousy. However, I do admire the will to admit the feelings that do still exist. Drake actually gets honest with himself by explaining “she […]

Men Being Thirsty On The Internet – CCL 70

Yo, I made it to number 70 on y’all! Time to celebrate!!

With that said, it is time for me to talk about a situation that is unsurprisingly taking the internet by storm. No, it is not the references to how good Kanye West’s new song “New Slaves” may or may not be. Also, it […]

26 Questions Answered: Reply to Diggame Pt. 3

Well, you know Diggame of Ashy2Classy.Net came with those questions again. Feeling like the blogger that I am, I felt like answering them. And you ALL know how my answers can get: part snarky, part hilarious, and all viable accuracies.

I’m just saying. Peep my answers.


Who would have known that someone else unknown would get […]

American Education and its Consistent Overhaul – CCL 69

Reform in education has become as American as apple pie. From the pages of the often referred A Nation At Risk to the high-shooting-but-low-aim having No Child Left Behind, there has always been a sense that American education “isn’t good enough”. Let movies like Waiting For Superman tell it, it is your teachers that […]

Karma Ain’t Always a Bitch – Plain Truth 65

This is a pure classic coming from a crew that is both highly heralded yet not fully recognized. Listen to Cee-Lo show how his lyrical ability pushed him into the forefront. Listen to the rest of Outkast make sense of their present lives (in the 90’s, no doubt). Notice the realities that they speak […]

Appreciate Your Relationship – Plain Truth 64

I don’t care what anyone says: LL Cool J makes great “chick songs”. You know; the songs that all the women will appreciate and adore. This one was dedicated to his wife (if I remember correctly). And it is a fitting dedication to the one that stood by his side for so long. With […]

Understanding White Privilege – Chocolate Covered Lies 67

Facebook is the place where people express their views in abundance (good, bad, and just plain damn unnecessary). The good thing is that everyone has a right to express themselves. The bad thing is everyone has a right to express themselves (see what I did there). Seemingly, many of us can’t get enough of […]

How to Act Around the Opposite Sex – Plain Truth 62

Well, people don’t know about this jam. Actually, some do but plenty don’t. Talib Kweli brought this Dilla produced jam to the forefront with lyrics that were simply soothing. Oh, and the singing of Bilal never hurts. Thus, if you are someone that wants to talk to someone just use this song.

Then again, many […]

Education and the Fatality of High Stakes Testing – Chocolate Covered Lies 62

In recent history, 35 constituents were asked to turn themselves into the authorities for what has been known to be a widespread plague of cheating on standardized tests. This all has occurred in Atlanta, Georgia under the Atlanta Public School system (APS). There were charges that at least 178 teachers actually cheated causing unusually […]