There Are 72 Hours In A Day (Book Review)

There Are 72 Hours In A Day. Read that and become just as intrigued as I was when I first read the title.

There Are 72 Hours In A Day is a book written by Jeffrey Sterling. Being personally connected to the author, I was really intrigued to see just what he came up with. […]

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Azealia Banks Was Right about Kendrick Lamar

Let me be clear: I am not a fan of Azealia Banks whatsoever. As talented as she is, I feel that she does involve herself in too many beefs and Twitter wars. For me, she can be somewhat overbearing with her opinions. As much, they are her opinions and feelings to have. Thus, while […]

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Spike Lee and His Gentrification Rant

Spike Lee sure knows how to catch headlines. This time, it has to do with something besides Kickstarter campaigns and making strange movies: gentrification.

Spike Lee was at Pratt Institute for a lecture in honor of African American History Month. Being encircled by people that call Brooklyn “their home” (whether old or new), he was […]

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Malcolm X Gets No Respect

I know that this is an old situation, however I feel compelled to talk about it. So, I’m going to do just that.

When I first saw the Nicki Minaj artwork, I knew it would start a shit storm. Hell, why would it not? She (or as she says, someone else) blatantly used a picture […]

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Marcus Smart was Right to React and be Suspended

Marcus Smart reacted the way many of us would have when we are pushed to the limit. Before I explain my position, let me get into the situation.
Why Marcus Smart Was Right
Things can become tumultuous when you are dealing with hecklers at sports games. Many people come to those sporting events just to harass […]

The Martin Luther King Estate Battle in 5 Lessons

As a patriarch, the one thing you do not ever want is your kids arguing over what you left behind for them. Also, you do not want their issues to go public. Many people don’t realize that “home issues” need to remain “inside the home”. The outside world doesn’t need, nor deserve, the chance […]

5 Lessons Learned from Snowpocalypse Atlanta

What a night.

It all began in the early Tuesday morning of January 28, 2013. The snowstorm hit the northeast with a relentless monsoon of snow and coldness. Meteorologists warned us that the streets would get back because the weather was only going to get worse. My wife’s school district (Clayton County) called it off […]

Martin Luther King’s Image is Abused For Fliers

Martin Luther King, Jr. has always been revered for the work that he has done and the influence he has left on others. Having a holiday in memoriam is just the tip of the iceberg. His name is synonymous with world peace and progress. While he fought hard for civil rights, his ultimate goal […]

52 Book Project Pt. 1: Blockbusters by Anita Elberse

As I begin this 52 book journey, I knew I had to start off with something interesting. So, picking up the book Blockbusters was a win/win. For one, I would be reading something informational about entertainment. Another reason is that I would get an informed opinion about business decisions I didn’t always necessarily agree […]

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    When Do Black People Stop Caring About Other Races’ Opinions? – CCL 85

When Do Black People Stop Caring About Other Races’ Opinions? – CCL 85

One bad apple spoils the bunch. – Unknown

A bad apple may spoil the bunch because we never open the bag and toss its spoiled ass out. – Darcwonn1906

Being Black in America tends to be something of a difficult process. For the most part, Black people are far from perfect. However, as a race, we […]