For many people, love is a game. And I’m not talking about a simple game of checkers. We are talking about chess moves or high stakes poker hands. People either play the game to win or end up losing as collateral damage. Still, love just isn’t the emotive demonstration of adoration. In fact, it is the ever evolving challenge of wills, sexes, and consequential action.

Casualty of Love, in all of its fictional flair, understates the reality of love: the game is always afoot.

This time deals with the love life of Alexandria Carter-Ellis (Ace). Not for nothing, she is a successful CEO of a sports public relations company. Yet, all of this success has made becoming a woman with romantic ties practically elusive. Maybe having a love live is elusive after all. Or, maybe being in the driver seat of her own path to love is an illusion.

The problem comes in when Alexandria tries to finally have a successful relationship with Jared. Before having a “fumble of seduction” with him, Alexandria kept things professional (I mean, she IS her boss). Yet, she evolved from being the “boss” to the “boo” once she realized her feelings for him was more than an instance of drunken lust. As things advance, they become more complicated. Like any relationship, Alexandria has some issues to iron out with Jared.

casualty of love

L. Logan Chandler; author of Casualty of Love


Yet, most of the issues Alexandria are due to her insecurities and wishy washy behavior. While Jared does make some missteps along the way, Alexandria keeps things confusing because of the master manipulator: her ex Boris. You see, Boris is the character that keeps things “interesting” (to say the least). Most of the time, Ace (Alexandria) can’t keep it together because of Boris and his “influence” on her life. This books helps show how love triangles are not always a simple situation of “man trying to have more than one woman”.

To see Boris for what he truly is, the reader needs to pay attention to every little detail about him. Pay attention to how he approaches Ace. Also, pay attention to the things he says and does around people. Even more important is his influence on others. The reader needs to see how Boris is perceived from the perspective of others due to his actions. Then, you will see how some people play puppet master to the emotions of others.

This is one impressively written tome dealing with the ins and outs of this game called love. Some may become confused as to why it is called Casualty of Love. With the title, the reader has to focus on who wins, who loses, and who was the real competition. Once that is all realized, then the casualties that exist becomes more apparent. I must say that L. Logan Chandler weaved a web tangled with love, lust, and plenty of losing.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!