Bobby Shmurda is becoming hip hop’s version of degradable coon foolishness right before our eyes. Many of use worked hard to dodge this idea. Many felt that Bobby was not going to be the epitome of negativity. Hell, I thought I knew it wouldn’t happen to the young man. Bobby Shmurda, however, is actually becoming representation of what CB4 was all about: foolishness in the form of music making.

Bobby Shmurda and Epic Foolishness

In recent history, there has been a video out with Bobby Shmurda performing for a room full of record execs and company workers. Mind you, there have been times where this was “common practice”. However, there have been advancements in technology and shifts in hip hop culture. This made witnessing Bobby Shmurda’s “display of talent” practically needless. Think about it: record execs don’t need to see some cramped room view of a performance in the days of Youtube and concert performances.

I guess this is what he had to do to get that record deal, huh?

What made things worst is how the situation looked. First thing the viewer notices is that the majority of the room is filled with white people. There were a couple Black people here and there (like L.A. Reid cosigning this foolishness). Still, please note that the majority of these people could give a flying f&%$ about this young man as an artist. At that moment, Bobby Shmurda was major label chattel.

The Bobby Shmurda Situation As It Developed

For that alone, many people decided to cry foul. I have been crying foul due to the development of Bobby Shmurda’s “rise to fame”:

1.) This is a young man that gets signed immediately from the popularity of a Youtube video. We have to understand that this “hot n*gga” is getting the “just rewards” of a “hot n*gga”. He’s popular right now! And what did Epic Records do? They swooped down upon him with a record deal (which explains the video). Makes sense, right? Partially. It is rather hilarious that his signing is off of the popularity of ONE song, though. That should have signaled trouble right there (think 360 deal).

Personally, this approach isn’t a smart one. He should have developed his own brand. Then, he should have went with the best deal for his situation that HE developed. He took the “quick and easy” route for his upcoming success.

2.) There had been tweets about Bobby Shmurda complaining about not getting money. To be more exact, there were some tweets that had the young artist mentioning doing all of those show for free (at one point). It had a lot to do with scam artists and such. Regardless, he should be getting compensation for shows. He should be headlining in smaller venues (if you ask me). But, that is just how I would work things.

3.) And then, there is this cover art for his EP. If anyone has paid attention to the cover art for Shmurda He Wrote, they would notice something quite ominous about it. And no, it is not the use of the ski mask. What makes this album cover so menacing is the way Bobby Shmurda looks on it. It is as if they took the worst picture out of all that were taken to make the album cover. In addition, the pictorial screams “Sambo” and “Stepin’ Fetchit” to those that know better. Don’t believe me? Make a slight comparison and see where the problem lies:

Bobby Shmurda She-Wrote-EP

bobby Shmurda 2

4.) Finally, there is the Epic Records performance that I highlighted above. Strange to see that room filled with people that honestly have no clue or care for who he is as an artist. But, whatever. People will eventually say I am hating on him becoming a signed success.

People want to focus on the video. Bobby Shmurda’s situation reaches back beyond just the understanding of the video. There are other added things to this predicament. As a whole, this isn’t a good look for a young artist on the come up. Bobby Shmurda, at the end of the day, is being reconstructed to fulfill stereotyping and promote negativity for the sake of record label execs making millions.

I hope we will realize that slavery in the music industry should not exist anymore. Then again, people will say that I am hating. So, let me hate on!

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!