Black on Black Crime just keeps creeping back into the consciousness of America. It seems that many people just don’t want to let it go. It reminds me of a stalker like significant other. They always want to linger around and even desire attention. Even when the relevance is gone, Black on Black Crime makes headway into any conversation involving Black people and injustice.

You can't ever make this stuff up.

You can’t ever make this stuff up.

When “the stalker” found itself meddling in the waters of the Ferguson situation, I knew there was a problem. Anybody working to mention the murder of a boy in comparison to an overused phrase based on an exaggerated existence is practically lost. It is bad enough to compare two situations that lack relevance to each other. It is another to pull a B.O.B and try to pull the comparison of a few and make it the reality of the many. Then again, how can we solve any problem when Black people are still being seen as monolithic blood thirsty sub-humans created for thumb twiddling and twerking?

The Problem with the Black on Black Crime Narrative

All of this “Black on Black Crime” talk makes me want to ask a quick question: does anybody do any research anymore? People bring up the crime issue among black people always recite the same chronicle: “blah, blah…no protests for black on black crime….jibba jabba…we don’t respect ourselves, then how can they…skippy skippy…we need to stop killing each other”. Okay, let me list some reasons why this entire thought process/commentary is unfounded and foolish:

1.)    If you mention black on black crime and never mention that the crime is an issue of proximity mixed with poverty, then you are just fact ignoring. Thus, your argument should be ignored.

2.)    If people want to mention Ferguson, then they also need to mention that Ferguson’s crime rate is particularly low (with very few murders).

black on black crime 3

3.)    “Black on Black Crime” has always been talked about and approached. Whether it was in Montogmery recently, by Farrakhan or Reverend Al Sharpton, or even the Stop The Violence Movement that keeps being remixed and rehashed, there will always be a mention of it. It seems to be the nature of the Black conscience.

4.)    For those that mention the “Black on Black Crime” in Chicago never heard of The Interrupters. I suggest you watch the film and then assist the CeaseFire movement.

5.)    And yet, we still don’t mention white on white crime. Okay. I will stop mentioning it myself then.

It should be noted that too many times, people speak from a place of lack of knowledge, willful ignorance, or cognitive dissonance (which is one step from stupidity).

The Difficulty Faced with People that Bring Up Black on Black Crime

To be honest, people that always bring this “phenomenon” up are nothing more than attention seeking sheeple. There, I said it.

Logistically, people that say this madness would not continue their diatribes if it was one of their family members dying at the hands of a wayward constable. If it was any of their family members, I bet you your bottom dollar found in your lint-and-Dorito-infested-couch that there would be some “conversation”. Others would either want revenge or some type of legal vindication. There is no true way around the fact that people think differently when the shoe is on the other foot. In short, I doubt that anyone who loses someone to a violent cop would shrug and say “Well, Black people kill each other all the time so I might as well suck it up!”

Even worse, it is just another case of respectability politics. Too many black people want to vie for the respect of other races. So, those said Black people want to demonstrate that “we are human just like everyone else”. Newsflash: they know this already and don’t care. Realize that these are the same people that would disrespect Barack Obama and kill off MLK (whom wore suits a lot of time). To summarize this situation, there are only two kinds of people that actually seek the respect of those that never planned on respecting them: whores and slaves.

Black on Black Crime Conclusion

With no further delay, I hope there is an understanding of how vile it is to vilify Black people through the mention of “Black on Black Crime”. If we are going to tell the story, then tell the entire story. What good does it do to try and shift a focus towards a situation that we have been working on for years? Instead, Black people should have been more understanding and sensible about things. Then again, I should know better than to ask some of us to actually seek understanding that doesn’t follow our own intellectual egos.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!