I know his dude’s balling but yeah that’s nice
And they gone keep calling and trying
But you stay right girl
But when you get on he leave your a** for a white girl

– Kanye West from his hit song “Gold Digger”

Kanye’s song was the anthem for all males with questionable females. Yet, it was these last lines from the last chorus that stood out to me. Was it the OJ Simpson Syndrome (will explain next week) that sparked this message? Or is it that black men are working to achieve status just to “find love” with Caucasian women? I think it was a little of both. In recent times, Madam Prezident of Madamprezident.com wrote an article called “Behind Every Rich Black Man There Is A White Woman!!!” [1]. As accurate as the statement may have been, the article in itself could send the wrong message. In fact, some of the inaccuracies can even hamper the important message she is trying to convey: black women need to test the waters of the color spectrum to find true love.

Therefore, I’m using this article to clarify a chocolate covered lie: all rich/successful black men marry white women.

Why the Disparity

The disparity exists because many black men DO seek out white women. This isn’t some “weird situation” or “overblown occurrence”. As much as “the average” black man loves black women, there are those that will look for a white woman. Is that bad? Well, that depends on the reasoning. If it is true love, then so be it. However, if a person is doing it in spite of black women or to acclimate themselves to “being white”, then that is wack-sauce.

Weird enough, Taye Diggs’ own mom said he would end up with a white woman (true story) [2].

The Issue with the Article

There are quite a few issues that the article will bring out, giving detractors arguing ammunition:

1.) The use of the word “all”: All rich/successful black men do not do this. So, this will draw an automatic red flag. Now, what WOULD validate her argument/observation is finding out the actual percentage of rich/successful black men that actually do this. After that, we would really have a conversation on our hands. But, that wasn’t done. Which leads to my second issue…

2.) The “Other Black Successful Men”: There are plenty of other successful black men that are married to black women. The POTUS is married to Michelle Obama and he is the epitome of successful black men (at the moment at least). Also, there is probably a laundry list of successful black men with black women. Not only that, some of the people pictured had been with black women before. So, that can make for a tricky situation.

3.) All the women shown are not White: this was one of the bigger issues for me. Some of the women in these pictures aren’t even white. Eva Longoria is Mexican. Mekhi Phifer’s woman is Laotian. It should be said that many of the women are white. Yet, some of them aren’t. This makes the article that much more misleading.

4.) White men wooing Black women: There, I said it: white men getting with black women. Men from Robert Deniro to Roger Ebert have been enamored by Black women [3]. Hell, Robin Thicke’s music is inspired by Paula Patton. While the number may not be as overwhelming, it should still be noted. There are some white men that can’t get enough of our own Black women.

See that, ladies? She is the reason why he makes those jams. Paula stays winning.

The Skinny

I applaud Madam Prezident for bringing light to an issue. However, I caution against making a generalized statement without covering all the bases. The title said one thing but the examples said another. With that said, she does bring an issue to light. Still, she needs to make sure that there are no holes in her argument.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!