And just like that, my 36th birthday has come upon me. At this moment, I feel alright with myself. I’m glad to be in good health (mentally and physically). I am glad to not be making too many crazy mistakes that will, in the long run, do me in. However, there are still some personal goals that I plan on achieving (hopefully before I am forty). Thus, I am somewhat satisfied with the life I am living.

Hell, it could be worst if you ask me. I could be homeless, friendless, and woman-less. I could also be stricken with disease. People could have left me alone a long time ago. But none of this happened. And for that (and that alone), I know that life is pretty good.

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I could say I’m happier than Pharrell in that Buffalo Girls hat.

With all of this given, I have always done two things on my birthday: celebrate and reflect.

Birthday Celebration

People need to find time to celebrate who they are and what they have done on their birthday. It does not matter if you are a Fortune 500 CEO or a waitress at TGI Friday’s. What matters is that you take time to celebrate the fact that you made it on this mudball another year. That achievement (being alive) is nothing to sniffle and sneeze at. Think about how many people are not alive now.

NOW do you think you should be celebrating “you”? I think so, too.

Not only should you celebrate “you”, others should as well. Others should be happy to still have you around in their life. They should feel overjoyed about you being around another year. In fact, a lot of them should be happier than you are. I know that is a stretch, though.

It was worth a shot, though. Right?

Birthday Reflection

Now that you have celebrated, you should take time to reflect. What do you need to do moving forward? What would you like to happen for yourself? Where did you go wrong? All of these questions are necessary for making sure you make progress for years to come.

Also, you should take the time to reflect about the people that have helped you make it this far. It could be God/Praising Jesus/Allah/Elohim/The Spaghetti Monster. It could include thanking your friends and family. Hell, you could even thank your enemies. Whoever it may be, give them a “thank you” for their contribution to your greatness.

You are great, you know. Even average people are great at something. Plus, something important has happened every day in life. And that includes your birth.

Birthday Summary

At the end of the day, your birthday should be a culmination of your legacy. Celebration should be had. Reflection should be done. Thanks should be given. Oh, and life? That in itself should be lived.

Enjoy your day, people. I know I am going to enjoy mine.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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