Being out away from my home, I had no idea that this ward show would be on. They, the pleasantries of surprise washed over me when he show hit my TV screen. Mind you, I am presently somewhere in Alabama soaking up southern hospitality. Still, I was welcome to watching this show. Too bad I may have been late on the start.

Bet Awards 2015 4

Whatever is clever. I am gonna give the rundown. Sadly, I missed Kendrick kill it on stage.

BET Awards 2015: The Rundown

  • Archandroid herself fleshed on her Yoga song. And then Jidenna did his just due for Classic Man. Janelle’s clique is dope ness all around!


  • Nicki Minaj won for best female hip hop artist. This is her, what, sixth time in a row receiving this trophy? This award has become a gag. Until they find somebody NOT named Nicki Minaj, I suggest they get rid of the award altogether. It is becoming a waste of award time as is.


  • Still, is it me or Sanaa Lathan was looking good? Black doesn’t crack, I see.


  • Kendrick Lamar won best male hip hop artist. No surprises there. Nobody had a better album (in my eyes). There are artists that have hit single. But fuck hit singles. Great albums need to come back to the mainstream.


  • Tyga + Chris Brown = overrated performance. The best part was the dancers. It wasn’t Tyga’s thirst for teenage love. It ain’t Chris’s Nautica(?) shirt. And it sure as hell wasn’t Omarion.


  • And Jhene Aiko is still talking about her groceries. I guess her ocean game on fleek as well? And why in hell am I saying “on fleek”?


  • #TMurdah though. And Kevin Hart dropping his silly freestyle for the fans.


  • While La La looked good in her outfit, Avery Wilson was jamming to a Luke James song (I think). Avery Wilson can jam. That much is understood.

Bet Awards 2015 5

  • Was that Money Mayweather put in duct tape? Man, the irony is thicker than cold grits. Shout out to Rihanna for doing to Mayweather what she never managed to do to Chris Brown.


  • Abel Tesfaye did his rendition of his hit single. Wait: was this his hit single or some other random track? Oh, wow: Alicia Keys came out and wrecked shop!


BET Awards 2015

  • Meanwhile, my Uncle Charlie got to jam for us. Best New Artist? Anthony Anderson! Oh wait….Sam Smith. Yeah. Right.



  • Bad Boy Records looked like AARP Entertainment out there. Maybe that was due to it being Puff Daddy and Mase’s old selves. That is until 112 came out and did their thang. Peaches and Cream, though? The pussy eating anthem of all anthems? Faith Evans is in good ass shape, even still.. And then French Montana came out to bore the hell outta me. At least the LOX and Lil Kim ripped shit.



  • Whip and Nae Nae! I’m back at school teaching my middle school kids. Again.

Bet Awards 2015 3

  • Rebecca won that Maxima, though. Music Matters artist? Andra Day. And damn, can she blow.


  • So, why is Puffy over-talking? Twenty years of Bad Boy. We get it. Where is my Wrap It Up Box at?


  • Man, is Robin Thicke back in the game? Last time I remember, Thicke was begging for Paula Patton back while his album went double wood. I hope he got his shit together.


  • Meanwhile, Smokey Robinson is dedicating his success to everything under the sun. Can’t hate on that. But I swear I need my wrap it up box again. Good lord, sometimes it isn’t great to be long winded.

BET Awards 2015 7

  • Meek Mills is actually…doing what he does. He was shouting into the mic. Dayum, is Chris Brown is every song nowadays? The sole savior of this performance is Nicki’s ass. Yeah, you read it right.


  • How The Weeknd gonna perform and dip without receiving his award? Ian hat the craziest shit in the world?


  • Luscious! Free Luscious!!! Drip drop!!! Empire!! Juicy J!! You’re So Bootyful (beautiful). Up down, up down, up Down!!!


  • Anthony Hamilton is actually killing this tribute. And Gary Clarke, JR on that gee-tar? Salvation!


  • Big Sean’s performance was the better rap jams on this show. And that sounds…strange. Then again, his album is actually pretty good. I can’t front. Plus, E 40 Fonzarelli spit that lit.


  • Janet Jackson should have busted that new single. I don’t care what they say: hat new song is jamming. I bet her new tour becomes the shiznit, though.


  • Chris Brown won awards for…..being Chris Brown?


  • Okay, so let me get this straight: the show is ending with K. Michelle in her attention seeking outfit and Tamar hollering on stage? Tamar need to eat some corn bread while she out there liking extra thin. You know what? Tamar can look any way she pleases. If K. Michelle can have them odd formed hips, then Tamar can do her.

Bet Awards 2015 3

  • Patti Labelle. That is all.


  • Nicki, how you forget which award you won? I mean, it was on the screen behind you. Were you not paying attention? What gives? Stop playing in your fucking hair and pay attention, woman!


  • Fetty Wop. Trap Queen. One hit wonder or the beginning of a long standing career? Who knows what Left Eye 3000 got going on. Personally, I don’t care.

 BET Awards 2015 Epilogue

And that was the awards show, ladies and gentlemen. Another reason for people to post memes and mock outfits. People don’t even watch it for the awards anymore People watch it to talk trash and be petty (like me). And if that is the only point of watching an award show, then something is seriously wrong.


‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!