People can say whatever they want about Drake: he knows how to make some good music. This is one of those song that went really, REALLY hard. It is dedicated to those girls that “are getting ready for that moment”. He likes his women to be expressive in their individuality. He also wants the woman to “shut it down”. In tune with his manhood, he just wants the female to dress like they KNOW they look good.

A lot of times, though, women don’t know how to truly dress to impress us. That’s okay.

I will explain all of that in a second.


I noticed that 60% of what we as women do – in preparation for seeing YOU (as in men) is absolutely unnecessary. You guys don’t care what color eye-shadow we wear – or that we bought the $200 shoes instead of the $25 one, or even that we exfoliated. So my question to you is – what do men REALLY notice when we show up for a date? Can you list some things that we do that we could absolutely STOP doing to save some time & funds?


To be honest, all men want you ladies to look presentable and be confident in what you all are wearing.

Men are mainly concerned with the woman being confident in what THEY want to wear. If they want those red bottoms to floss her grandiose style, go for it. If she is a retro chick that listens to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and still pulls off looking good, then it is what it is. What men want women to do is wear whatever makes them feel comfortable as women [1]. Once they do that, then they will win us over.

Hey, even Macklemore knows how to be comfortable in his own skin. And so does his side chicks.

Hey, even Macklemore knows how to be comfortable in his own skin. And so does his side chicks.

Be forewarned, though: the worst thing to do is to overdo it with the presentation. It looks foolish if that woman is trying her hardest to look good with little regard for the weather [2]. Please be considerate of the temperature outside. Also, no one likes extremes: too little or too much makes it seem like you are trying too hard [3]. In short, make sure to exhibit a look that you can impress without trying too hard.

Just look damn good and presentable. Period.

Just look damn good and presentable. Period.

If you would like a list, I can break it down in a simple form for you:

1.) Wear whatever you would feel sexy in.
2.) You can wear those expensive shoes. You can wear those cheap shoes. Just make sure that they look good on you.
3.) Make sure you aren’t in your work clothes (especially if you work at Magic City or King of Diamonds. Even worse, if you work at Target or McDonald’s) [4]. That is, unless you dress to impress at work.
4.) Wear whatever causes you to relax and be yourself.
5.) Consider the weather.
6.) If you want to floss that skirt, do it. Just make sure that you aren’t tugging at it all night.
7.) No brainer: smell good. Not too much perfume. Just the right amount. Still, ALWAYS smell good. Men want women that SMELL GOOD.

In the end, men want to go out with a woman that KNOWS she looks good. Wear whatever it is that exhibits your individuality and style. However, you don’t have to overdo it to impress us. If you know you look good, do what you do. In the end, we want to see YOU at YOUR best.

Lil Kim does it every time.

Lil Kim does it every time.

Oh, and go easy on the makeup: we like for our women to look as natural as possible. Plus, there are a certain number of men that are afraid of clowns. You have been warned.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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