Batman v Superman was a greatly made mediocre film.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Batman v Superman was not everything it was cracked up to be. No, I won’t call it great like all the other people that was amazed at the sequencing and superhero scenarios. Also, I would be remiss to actually call it terrible unless it was made like Green Lantern. Still, there were a lot of problems with this movie. And all of these problems just show that DC is having a hard time making a great comic book movie.

Batman v Superman – The Good Stuff

If moviegoers and comic book nerds are going to be honest, then there should be some recognition of what went right with the movie.

If anything, this movie was quite visually appealing. All the crashing and burning electrified across the screen through the optic nerves. Also, the fights never left anything to be desired because they were action packed. Additionally, I really loved how all the costumes looked on each hero within the movie . The hues and lighting used by the cameras and special effects made everything seem so real-yet-surreal. There is a lot to get into when it comes to how everything appeared.

batman v superman 2

Also, I can now go fry some crow at the moment because Ben Affleck actually represented quite well as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Like Ryan Reynolds redeemed himself of the Green Lantern atrocity, Affleck shook off the lameness of his Daredevil performance. He resembled a man shaken at the core by the death of his parents. He also didn’t implement that swanky Boston accent to throw everything off. Adding the fact that he had a voice modulator to not go all Christian Bale with it, Ben Affleck made Batman look good.

Batman v Superman – The Not-So-Goodness

Overall, there seems to be one central problem that synergizes from all the issues with the film: it seemed to have tried too hard to be amazing. What ended up happening became a greater sacrifice of the little things.

For example, there are the issues with the plot holes and unexplained situations. Batman kept having these visions. Yet, there were rarely any explanation for them. They weren’t really expounded upon either. Whether they dealt with his parents, him going after Superman, or some other unnamed hero pleading to him from the future, a lot of the situations were just thrown in the movie and expected to stick. Instead, they stood out like sore thumbs in rose gardens.

batman v superman 3

Another issue is the script: I’m really not sure there was one to begin with. It seemed as if a lot of the speaking lines was pure filler that truly didn’t move the story along. If it wasn’t the useless weirdo banter of Lex Luthor it was the yappity yap-used-for-sappiness of Superman’s convo with his “dead dad”. Also, a lot of the lack of dialogue left a lot to be explained because much of the action was thrown in for visual effect. It makes me wonder if there was any good concentration given to the script at all.

And then, there was the lacking/slacking/sloppy characterization. Why is Lex Luthor a sniveling youth that should be named Snivelly McBitchens? Also, can someone tell me what Wonder Woman’s purpose was? They didn’t give her enough air time to develop a personality. Also, was I the only one that thought Doomsday being created from Kryptonian DNA would have been truly unrealistic? You wanted to create a monster that is Kryptonian without no clear way of controlling the monster as is? I’m just saying: a lot of these characters should have been made a lot better.

Batman v Superman Finale

This is why DC may never compete with Marvel: DC doesn’t know how to not overdo it. There were too many plot lines happening at once. Also, too many plot holes existed with lacking dialogue. Plus, the characterization was extremely lacking. Sadly enough, the best Batman performance this side of Michael Keaton may have been wasted on a movie that came out haphazardly.

DC Comics just may need to stick to animated movies. At least those are done correctly.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!