Recently, within the “Twittersphere”, Azealia Banks rolled through her usual antics of saying stuff filled with controversy. However, this time was a little different. Instead of saying something to “make herself look like a child”, she went for the “pseudo educational commentary on society” angle. With what she said, she would have been correct if she used the right vocabulary. Still, her comments didn’t truly help her plight.

And here we go:

Her problem wasn’t the IDEA of what she was saying. Her problem came in when she used the wrong vocabulary. She wanted to note that African Americans have “appropriated” English culture. The sad part about this is that many of us, including Webster’s dictionary, don’t agree with her. The proper word that she should have used would have been “assimilation”, not “appropriation”.

When you are the subject of contentious situations that call for your enslavement in a land that you don’t consider your own, all the while being whipped and stripped of your culture, you assimilate. You don’t steal someone else’s culture. Instead, you take on those cultural aspects because they are the “law of the land”. I think this is where people got the commentary screwed up. They didn’t realize that African Americans aren’t stealing anything; instead, we are taking on the culture that is present, ready, and available for our use.

Another word for what we did as African Americans is called “adaptation”. Just for future reference.

And this, right here, presents a bigger issue for many of us in America (and the world): we are not mindful of the words and expressions that we use. If one was more cognizant of what they were talking about, they would have realized that African Americans were made to assimilate and not appropriate. You can’t steal something that is the main idea/cultural influence of the people around you/owning you. You take on what they have because that is “how things are done in those parts”. Thus, I still say that the best way to solve these word abuse issues is simple: please pick up a dictionary before you speak (or tweet, for that matter).

‘Nuff Said,and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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