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The Shameful Moment Hood Shows No Love (RIP to Doe B)

From my experiences, Montgomery, Alabama has been one of the most self-appreciative cities I have known. To put it bluntly, Montgomery loves Montgomery. From their witty southern vernacular to their popular local hang-outs, “The Gump” always seemed like a world within itself. Montgomery isn’t just a college town; it is a town filled with […]

Guy Moments: The Cartoon That Knows Your Struggle

As much as many of us males try to play it off, we do have our “everyday struggles”. Many times, it deals with stuff that comes with “being men”. Other times, it deals with the misconception of being men. Whatever the caseload of crap may be, men just tend to deal with it. At […]

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5 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Blues

There are many of us that just cannot get into the holidays. Maybe it is the pain of losing a loved one (I know how you feel). Or maybe it is the fact that the holidays have become too much of a monetary minstrel show. Whatever the case may be, some of us out […]

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When We Realize the Church Needs Help

When people think of the church, they think of sanctuary. They think of a safe place that allows them to find solace. They also think of a place to fellowship with their fellow man/woman. And of course, they think of a place to “find the good word of the Lord”. In summary, the church […]

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For Phil Robertson, Honesty Not The Best Policy

People share their opinions all of the time. Whether or not those thoughts and values will rub people the wrong way depends on the situation. Yet, that isn’t the biggest takeaway. The most immense value to obtain is that opinions, no matter how mundane or radical, shall exist. Thus, when a person voices their […]

Hunter Yelton and the Destroying of Innocence

When I think about my youth, I think of all the crazy things I had done. I recall things such as falling in love with the wrong girl just to get my feelings hurt. I remember getting in fights with people I would later love and respect. I even remember getting my butt beat […]

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    That Awkward Moment When We Realize Some Black Women Are Lost

That Awkward Moment When We Realize Some Black Women Are Lost


(Note: this is not a knock against all Black women. This is just a response to a video that bothered me. Please enjoy.)

Apparently, Black women have an image problem.

I was watching a video entitled “Should Black Women Care About Their Image?” created by the “queen of swirling” Christelyn Karazin. While I know that she […]

That Awkward Moment When Justice Suffers from Affluenza

Gross injustices are nothing new. We see these situations all the time. From the man getting falsely accused of a crime to the person that is found not guilty when they clearly are responsible, injustice is becoming a common occurrence. It has become so commonplace that we, as a people, should expect it to […]

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52 Book Project Pt. 1: Blockbusters by Anita Elberse

As I begin this 52 book journey, I knew I had to start off with something interesting. So, picking up the book Blockbusters was a win/win. For one, I would be reading something informational about entertainment. Another reason is that I would get an informed opinion about business decisions I didn’t always necessarily agree […]

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Dead Beat Moms – Glitch or Future Epidemic?

One of my good friends brought up a scenario that I found hard to believe. I wanted to share this with you all and expound upon it more for the sake of gaining knowledge:
 So this ex-Marine and I were talking about his disability. He got shot in Iraq and they kicked him out and […]