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Michael Sam’s Homosexuality Brings Out Idiots

Does anyone remember Playmakers? Yes? No? Well, let me explain.

Playmakers was a show that premiered on ESPN a little over ten years ago. Due to its gritty depiction of professional football, it was quite the popular show. Following a fictional team by the name of The Cougars, it followed the ins and outs of […]

Good Luck Charlie Gay Couple Episode

Good Luck Charlie had the audacity to have a gay couple on their episode and I love everything about it.

Then again, I have only watched a few episodes of Good Luck Charlie during my entire lifetime. It IS a Disney show. So, I would never have a big reason to watch it unless I […]

Marcus Smart was Right to React and be Suspended

Marcus Smart reacted the way many of us would have when we are pushed to the limit. Before I explain my position, let me get into the situation.
Why Marcus Smart Was Right
Things can become tumultuous when you are dealing with hecklers at sports games. Many people come to those sporting events just to harass […]

The Martin Luther King Estate Battle in 5 Lessons

As a patriarch, the one thing you do not ever want is your kids arguing over what you left behind for them. Also, you do not want their issues to go public. Many people don’t realize that “home issues” need to remain “inside the home”. The outside world doesn’t need, nor deserve, the chance […]

Coca Cola Made Americans Look Idiotic

One of the biggest issues when it comes to the perception of Americans is that we come off as obliviously arrogant. If it has nothing to do with our issues, we have a tendency to not care. Also, we will blindly disagree with something to the point of self-loathing and parody levels of ignorance. […]

Drug Abuse and Philip Seymour Hoffman

And just like that, it is said that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead. As usual, there have been the different tweets, Facebook posts, and responses to this situation. Me personally, I see it as another person that died earlier than expected. From what is known, PSH was only 46. When a person dies […]

5 Lessons Learned from Snowpocalypse Atlanta

What a night.

It all began in the early Tuesday morning of January 28, 2013. The snowstorm hit the northeast with a relentless monsoon of snow and coldness. Meteorologists warned us that the streets would get back because the weather was only going to get worse. My wife’s school district (Clayton County) called it off […]

Now THIS is What I CALL The GRAMMYS!!!

Was the show great? No. It was cool, though. Here are a few thoughts (well, more than  a few) on what occurred as I saw it. Trust me: I’m being honest. So bear with me.

1.)    Beyonce + Jay Z = Drunk In Love. Can’t hate on that. Can’t hate on that at all. I […]

Understanding The Power of Prayer

(Sidenote: this isn’t a post about religion. This post is about the importance of something being “bigger than ourselves”. When I get into it, you will finally figure out where I was going with everything.)

One faithful day at work, I was on “hall way duty” (making sure the kids went to class and not […]

How To Solve Our Problems With Richard Sherman

(Note: these are all personal views based on the facts. So, the opinions are well informed. You can disagree with the opinions. However, you can’t escape the facts. The end.)

You ever notice that people nowadays seem to overreact every time something happens. As soon as someone does something either shocking, aggressive, or overly compassionate, […]

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