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Stephen A. Smith Always Tap Dances for White America

There are days when I wish Stephen A. Smith stuck to sports and sports only.

In recent history, he was interviewed by  Dontae’s Boxing Nation. They asked him about being compared to Shannon Sharpe and whether he agreed about Sharpe’s stance on white involvement with black issues. Here is where the situation got interesting:

“…and remember, […]

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Charles Barkley and Black People Do Not Mix

When I read that Charles Barkley was going to become the host of “The Race Card” on TNT, I knew it was a beautiful disaster in the waiting. I just knew the former “Round Mound of Rebound” was going to make some classically calamitous prime time programming. I knew there would be trouble because […]

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Fidel Castro the Misunderstood Understood

Fidel Castro has left this mortal plane at the age of 90. Many of us either rejoiced his death or shook our heads at the passing of a steadfast man of principle. To many (stateside), he was viewed as a tyrant. To many that are anti-imperialism, he was an inspiration. The problem is that […]

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Kanye West Issues Worsened by Fandom

Kanye West has done it again.

At a show in Sacramento, California, Yeezy ended the show early. I’m not sure of

any apparent reason for it. He did, however, go on a rant about Beyonce, scientology, and whatever the hell else he yaps about (joking about scientology). Yet, the performance was only 30 or so minutes. […]

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Moise Morancy is a Black Superhero

From first glance, it seems as if Moise Morancy was raised right. The humble and engaging hip hop artist/activist/actor is also a man on a mission. His mission? Well, his mission is enlightenment and love. Also, Morancy believes in defending the defenseless and saving those that need saving. In actually, Moise Morancy’s most notable […]

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Josh Brown and How NY Giants are Trash

Domestic violence is one of those issues that has always bothered me. I never understood the purpose of a man beating on a woman (ever). I really never understood the sanity behind a woman abusing a man. Still, it happens on a daily basis. As the days go by, there is a woman/man that […]

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Donald Trump, Misogyny, and Growing Up

Donald Trump’s words have echoed through my brain for the past few days.

“Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Right after that, I had to make sure that I heard everything correctly. I knew damn well that this high ranking millionaire wasn’t out here making lewd comments like this. I was hoping that […]

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Luke Cage and Solange Made Black Friday

2016 has been the year of realized blackness. Sit ins are rampant at sports games all across the country. As much as people don’t like Black Lives Matter, they have made sure that we “matter” on some level. More and more people are becoming “awakened” to the world around us. It is time to […]

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Keith Lamont Scott and the Visuals of Brutality

Days ago, a great confidant by the name of Anthony Haskins noted that he wasn’t going to watch anymore videos of black men being killed by police. When I read this, I was fully supportive. From my perspective, watching videos of people being killed can have a negative effect on you. With so much […]

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Lil Wayne is Being Racially Delusional

Lil Wayne has been professing his “best rapper alive” mantra for years. Beyond that, however, is the business acumen of an intelligent young man. Still, he has made questionable decisions both musically (every album after Carter III) to personally (his codeine/promethazine habit). At the end of the day, Lil Wayne is a pretty good […]

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