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Keith Lamont Scott and the Visuals of Brutality

Days ago, a great confidant by the name of Anthony Haskins noted that he wasn’t going to watch anymore videos of black men being killed by police. When I read this, I was fully supportive. From my perspective, watching videos of people being killed can have a negative effect on you. With so much […]

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Lil Wayne is Being Racially Delusional

Lil Wayne has been professing his “best rapper alive” mantra for years. Beyond that, however, is the business acumen of an intelligent young man. Still, he has made questionable decisions both musically (every album after Carter III) to personally (his codeine/promethazine habit). At the end of the day, Lil Wayne is a pretty good […]

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Clark Toys vs. Kaepernick: The Colin Kaepernick Saga 2

Due to a “rise in popularity”, Colin Kaepernick’s jersey sales have risen. That’s right, folks: America’s favorite protesting son (of recent) has made the 49ers some more money. Many people are either buying them for sentimental value/support or to actually burn in effigy. Either or, the 49ers will take their love/hate all the way […]

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    The Colin Kaepernick Saga 1: Cam Newton Cowardly Taps Around Issues like Gregory Hines

The Colin Kaepernick Saga 1: Cam Newton Cowardly Taps Around Issues like Gregory Hines

What a week it has been for the man we call Colin Kaepernick. Right after it was discovered that he doesn’t stand for the National Anthem due to police brutality issues, there have been opinions left and right. Some people love it while others hate it. You have people distancing themselves while Kaepernick’s jersey […]

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Colin Kaepernick is Not Your Tap Dancing Coon

Usually, Colin Kaepernick becomes the chagrin for things that he doesn’t do. A lot of people don’t care for him because he has a knack of lacking fundamental quarterback skills. Or, there is some type of concern for his decision making. And there has yet to be a great return of investment in him […]

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Ryan Lochte is a White Privilege Pimp

Ryan Lochte knew what he was doing the moment he came up with that incredulous lie about being robbed at gunpoint in Brazil. However, I’m going to explain this after I build up the context of this main idea.

Ryan Lochte was raised in New York by a Cuban mother and a Dutch/German/English father. Eventually, […]

Gabby Douglas Being Bullied

Gabby Douglas had to deal with plenty of foolishness in 2012. Instead of a focus on her youthful success, there was more criticism about her hair. After that came the support. Many people realized that her hair isn’t really much of a factor because she is being athletic. And being athletic deals with having […]

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The Get Down – Reason Behind The Rhyme

Before watching The Get Down, I understood hip hop to be in a strange place. In fact, there is a systematic divide between the old and the new. The old would rather have there be a “return to the roots” of what the music (and the culture) should be all about. In turn, the […]

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Look At God: Obama’s Birthday Brings The Greatest of Joys

Obama’s birthday was just supposed to be any regular August 4th. Not so for the year of 2016. You see, with all of the foolishness that has occurred for this year, we all were due for some good news. And I’m not talking “Lebron James finally won a championship for Cleveland” good news. I’m […]

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Richard Sherman: All Star Disappointment

Richard Sherman hasn’t made a statement he didn’t like. In previous situations, he has battled Skip Bayless, shown his professional disdain for Michael Crabtree, and blatantly question BLM. Whether outrageously loud or stern with focus, Sherman has made it his business to express himself. You already can tell that his organization supports it. Otherwise, […]

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