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White Tears in 2017 – Dear White People Backlash

It has come to my attention that a lot of white people are offended by Netflix’s inclusion of Dear White People. Again, there are a bunch of people late for the “Cry Useless White Tears” show. It would have been more worthwhile if it was the movie version. However, we are talking about the […]

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Steve Harvey and Donald Trump Is All Business

Well, Steve Harvey has found a way to get people (not me this time) upset with him again. Recently, Harvey met up with Trump to talk about concerns within the black community. Mind you, Barack Obama asked him to meet with Trump for whatever reason. Also, we must understand that Steve Harvey has the […]

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When Blackish Became Really Black

I was skeptical of Blackish at first. I really wasn’t trying to see a show that may pander to the white audience. And then, there was the shaky idea that Anthony Anderson may have dropped a dud of a show. With the amazing Tracie Ellis Ross, I had a feeling that the show would […]

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Hate Crimes and Selective Outrage

The existence of hate crimes, in any form, should bring people together. At no point should it be acceptable to harm another human being over their race, nationality, sexuality, or anything else. If they are harmed, then there should be backlash and outcry. And this isn’t a simple expectation. This is something that should […]

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Wrong Way – An American Punk Story

Wrong Way #1 is the introduction to a world that is more about real life issues and less about imaginary heroes in capes and tights. And that fact, by far, is the best thing that is going for this book.

Wrong Way follows the everyday dealings of Trey Miller, a down and out cartoonist that […]

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Umar Johnson is Who We Thought He Was

Umar Johnson, known by many as Baba Ifatunde, Dr. Umar Ifatunde, or King Koopa of the Conscious Movement, totally exposed himself through video. Arguing over some petty beef with Sara Suten Seti, Umar went into a 40 plus minute tirade. Meanwhile, he was supposed to be talking about black parenting and such. The black […]

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Octavia Spencer and Fear of a Black Feminine God

There is an overall fear of anything black being powerful. Malcolm X was practically killed due to his discipline and influence. Many say the same thing about 2Pac. Barack Obama had 8 years of hellacious, racially tinged issues to deal with as president.

The Shack is a book written by William P. Young. Hitting shelves […]

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Adam Saleh and Discrimination on Delta

Adam Saleh would be known by many to be an antagonist of the worst kind. If you aren’t aware, he is the one that makes the parody videos with a racially charged slant. Since he is Muslim, Saleh tends to cater to the fears and assumptions of those that aren’t. Many find his shtick […]

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Black Forgiveness Is Not a White Handout

Forgiveness is at the cornerstone of the black experience in America. At any given moment, black people are expected to “forgive” people. Never mind the fact that we, as a people, may not be ready. And forget about the fact that whomever has done any of us wrong may not be asking for that […]

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Fear of a Black Santa

Larry Jefferson made me proud of all the Black Santas that exists out there. And no, it isn’t because he stood up to a mob of racists. And he didn’t have to save a cat from being stuck in a tree. Rather, Jefferson took the time to do his job with honor and humility. […]

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