And just like that, another human being becomes a hashtag. This time, he is young (as usual), Black (typical), and was unarmed and minding his own business (again).

In Berkeley, Missouri, a young man by the name of Antonio Martin was gunned down. By cops. While he came out of a gas station. And no, he didn’t commit a crime. Or maybe he did? Hell, if he did then it would have been something extra petty. I mean, he was unarmed. Or was he armed? They say he pointed a gun at police. What could he have really done?

I want to trust people telling me what happened. I even want to trust the police description.

Antonio Martin’s Circumstances

And to be honest, why is my mind built around “well, I wonder what he did” as if he deserves to get shot in the first place? Or maybe he had it coming.

His body laid there for hours.

It is almost Christmas.

His mother is hysterical. Her life has been upended. She doesn’t want to live anymore.

Over what? Fitting a description?

The saddest part is that if you are young, Black, and live in America, one of your main goals is this:

Antonio Martin 2

And no, I can’t make this stuff up. It is practically 3 in the morning as I am typing this. I should be in bed with my wife. But no, I am up with my mind spinning. I’m not writing anymore about this. I’ll let the tweets do the talking.

Antonio Martin Conclusion

There is nothing left for me to say. I’m exhausted.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!