There Are 72 Hours In A Day. Read that and become just as intrigued as I was when I first read the title.

There Are 72 Hours In A Day is a book written by Jeffrey Sterling. Being personally connected to the author, I was really intrigued to see just what he came up with. Knowing his background, I knew it had to explain how he accomplished so much with so “little time on his hands”. Also, I knew that he was going to give some certified steps for success. In short, I felt this was going to be a self-help book for those that seek to help themselves.

It also helped that the book is a quick read and costed less than $6 to purchase.

After reading this book in a matter of a couple of coinciding days, I realized that this book can actually be essential with anyone that is trying to improve their lives by achieving more with the same amount of time.

There Are 72 Hours In A Day – The Explanation

The entire gist behind There Are 72 Hours In A Day is the art of efficiency. Efficiency is the act of working in a well-organized and competent way. And the only way to be truly efficient is to be well-organized. Being well organized allows a person to do a lot with very little. Or, they can maximize the one thing that they cannot gain back: time. Therefore, when one looks at the title of the book, they should understand that it is all about using time wisely.

The biggest clarification that Sterling brought up in his book is knowing the difference between activity and accomplishment. When we speak of activity, we speak of doing things. However, accomplishment is about getting things done. He made us understand that we get a lot of things done every day. All we must do is be organized enough to use that same idea to accomplish the things that are major and meaningful in our lives.

The second part of the book focuses on how all of this efficiency talk can be applied to life. He even breaks it down by short chapters. He doesn’t elongate the reading experience with unnecessary verbiage. Instead, Sterling gets into the meat of how this concept of efficiency can be applied to work, finances, health, recreation, and even relationships. Once those chapters are read, the reader should notice how he gives bullet points for each thing that should be considered. This isn’t a fluff book of motivational standards; this is a book that gives how-to ideas to improve life through structure and productivity.

There Are 72 Hours In A Day – Epilogue

If anyone out there needs a book that will assist in getting organized and getting more done, then There Are 72 Hours In A Day is a necessity. It will highlight the necessities to navigate your life so that every aspect is productive and efficient. My advice is to take the time to learn how to maximize your time. Once your time is maximized, then you will see how much you get done. And it all starts with one key word: organization. So, let’s organize!

Purchase the book by clicking the link here. There Are 72 Hours In A Day

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