It seems that Dear White People made quite a buzz over the past few months. From the interviews to its internet presence, the movie was sure to be seen by quite a few people. As I entered the theater (number six in Atlantic Station), I noticed a multitude of races sitting in the dark. Movie previews only prolonged the inevitable enjoyment of Dear White People. Eventually, that enjoyment commenced as I immersed myself in this visual that dealt with society head on.

Dear White People As A Movie

After some hours of reflection, I can truly say that this was one of the best films that came out this year. If it isn’t the best, then it is damn sure the most necessary. All those that plan on taking my word for it, ignore the rest of these paragraphs. For those that love my explanations, I have five reasons for my beliefs:

Dear White People 4

1.)    Dear White People takes a realistic, and unashamed, look at race relations in this country: while watching this movie, I noticed how the main characters “used their racial background” to gain some sort of success and/or notoriety. While there were those characters that reveled in it (Samantha) there were others that either tried to “white wash themselves” (Troy and Colandrea) or just never cared to fit in (Lionel Higgins). It took quite the brazen look at how race affects us all. Much was covered about the world being “black and white” albeit the concepts drifted from the hilarious to the absurd. Still, the skillful mastery of the story line and script make it all come together.

Dear White People 2

2.)    The dialogue in the movie is a winner: when your movie makes commentary about the possible racist conspiracies behind the movie Gremlins, you may be on to something. There was very little waste for words in this movie. There was no useless dialogue. There was no commentary used to take up space. Everything being said directly reflected on the racial overtones of the movie. Yet, they did even more: they used race as a launch pad for different understandings and concepts.

Dear White People 6

3.)    Dear White People makes racism look the way it really is: as hilarious bullshit: Racism has its way of being such a harmful concept of idealism. However, taking racism for what it is, we have to highlight the hilarity of it all. Looking at this movie, racism is lampooned into the realm of buffoonery. Yet, isn’t racism based on a lot of ideals that are equal to buffoonery?

Dear White People 3

4.)    Dear White People displays the oxymoronic approach to life that racial issues has fostered: looking at the characters, you noticed that each main character were like a coin. Each character had two sides. They would present one thing to the public. Yet, they would do things that they hid from public view. At times, it seemed that they were in constant conflict with “whom people expected them to be” and “who they wanted to be”. That inner conflict was served up nicely through a deft script.

5.)    Dear White People clearly helps us all understand that we all desire the same things: Whether you are Black, White, Asian, or whatever, we are all looking for the same things. Themes of “success”, “acceptance”, “happiness”, and “honesty” reign supreme within this movie. The action easily keeps those themes in play. Yet, the action doesn’t detract from the overall understanding of overarching humanity this movie displays.

Dear White People For Humanity

Now that I gave my five reasons, I suggest you support this movie. Let us look beyond the racial issues and see the humanity in each other. Let us stop living for ignorance and live for understanding. This movie is a call-of-arms for enlightenment. Make sure you (as a reader) don’t miss that call.

Oh, and they need to drop that soundtrack ASAP. It was immaculate to the ears.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!