The Breakfast Club was a favorite of mine during morning work commutes. Mostly, it was the conversations and interviews that kept me engaged. Also, there would always be some type of “gossip” type of information that would allow me to analyze the lives of famous people. And then, there was The Donkey of the Day segment. I must say that The Breakfast Club kept my mornings preoccupied with nosiness, comedy, and keen observations.

However, all good things must come to an end. Moving forward, I cannot see myself giving anymore of my time and earspace to The Breakfast Club.

The reason for my decision is simple: The Breakfast Club has become a radio show that promotes fuck shit. Either that or they have always promoted fuck shit. Whichever one comes first.

The Breakfast Club Being On Some Bullshit

In recent weeks, The Breakfast Club has had some of the most colorful interviews with questionable characters that said profoundly shaky things or did even worse.

Let me run down the line so it all makes sense:

  • Umar Johnson has been on there a couple of times in recent history. The last time, he made some off-putting remarks about interracial marriage. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, his ideals on interracial marriage aren’t supported by any worthwhile evidence. And all that conjecture lead to him being on Roland Martin’s show to defend his “honor” and his “credentials”. An infinite waste of time over someone that exudes arrogance and allocated Gofundme funds.
  • Wesley Muhammad was on the show trying to educate the masses on the weaponization of marijuana. You know: because marijuana is put out there to make sure that black men become feminized and black women become manly. Mind you, he didn’t bring up any relevant evidence. Also, Muhammad did very little to explain how any of this will affect white people and other races that smoke as much marijuana as black people do. Still, we all should trust Muhammad because he sounds good. I get it now.
  • Rick Ross was on the show mentioning how he could never sign a female artist. His reasoning: because he would try and fuck her. You guessed it: all that money being spent would have him feeling like that pussy is his to have. Plus, the picture he took with Angela Yee was extremely creepy and mad suspect.
  • The final straw: Lil Duval’s transphobic commentary. A day after having Janet Mock on the show, they bring in Lil Duval. And Lil Duval unleashes under the guise of not “being politically correct”. He stated these exact words: “This might sound messed up and I don’t care — but she’s dying. I don’t care. If one did that to me and didn’t tell me, I’d probably be so mad I’d kill them.” Meanwhile, DJ Envy, Charlemagne The God, and Yee entertained themselves with his nonsense.

Yeah, I’m done with that show.

The Breakfast Club Are Trash Peddlers

The Breakfast Club has a sanitation problem when it comes to what they put out on the airwaves. It didn’t cross anyone’s mind that certain things do not need to be said? In less than a week, there has been nothing but ideas of misogyny, transphobia, misogynoir, murder, and mayhem being promoted on the show. The hosts did very little; half the time, they entertained the trashiness. I thought this was a radio show and not waste pick up. But, I digress.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can leave them alone. I am not going to support a show that doesn’t have the simple respect for the lives of women or people within the LBGTQ community. And I am damn sure not going to give time to people that allow the promotion of murderous ideas within realistic situations. Maybe they are trying to keep up with ratings. Or maybe they are just proficient at promoting rubbish.

I don’t listen to trash; I put it in the garbage where it belongs.

Nuff Said and Nuff Respect!!!