Note: These albums are not actually posted in any worthwhile order. Thus, I’m just going to list them as they are.

Like I mentioned with the previous post, there were a lot of dope albums that came out in 2014. However, many of us would not know that because of the mainstream media’s lock on what you hear and absorb. I wish I would have notated how many dope albums came out a lot better. Still, I plan on making up for lost time with this entry

These are some albums for those that want to know about music that is either “different”, “overlooked”, or simply too impressive to not mention. Why would I mention them? Hell, they deserve some attention. I want people to actually listen to stuff they aren’t used to listening to and to expand their musical palettes. Is that too much to strive for?

(Oh, and if I missed your album then I apologize)

30 Hip Hop Albums You Missed In 2014

Open Mike Eagle – Dark Comedy

Open Mike Eagle’s album was something I actually reviewed it lower than I should. I should have sat with it longer. What you have is an artistically challenging look at personal life struggles, pop culture, and society as a whole. If you like different, then I would go for this album.
Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo

Isaiah Rashad wrecked certain and subtle havoc on Cilvia Demo. Many will mistake this album as a smoothed out version of southern hood music. It is much bigger than that. This is an album of the growth and expansion of one’s manhood. Listen closely and you will see what I’m referring to.
Cozz – Cozz and Effect

J. Cole picked a winner in this young man. If you don’t believe me then just stream this album on Spotify right now!

Lyric Jones – Love’s Trail Mix

An entire EP dedicated to love? Yeah. I am down for that. Lyric Jones wove individual stories about love, lust, infatuation, and erotic escapism. In retrospect, a lot of the end results were similar. Did these people win or lose? How about you listen to the EP and figure out.
Diamond DistrictMarch On Washington

Real human music. That is pretty much what Diamond District makes. Oddisee, yU, and Uptown XO have been repping the DMV for years now. Still, people sleep. I hope March On Washington will make them wake up. Plus, they even have a remix album of the original. How great is that?
Cyhi The Prynce – Black Hystori

Cyhi The Prynce is that rapper that deserves more recognition but hasn’t received it fully. Hilariously, he has been dropping quality mixtapes. Yet, there is no album. He needs that album to drop and he needs his supporters to cop it. It will be that simple.
Sage Francis – Copper Gone

Sage Francis does not get enough props for being an outright and domination microphone master. If you don’t believe me, just watch the above video or listen to “Dead Man’s Float”. Then, you will understand exactly what I am talking about.
Sy Ari The Great – Ultrasound 2 (mixtape)

People will want to pigeonhole Sy Ari has some regular ATL rapper that makes hood music. Yet, he is way more than that. If anyone would have picked up his mixtape, they would see exactly WHAT he was representing. He has a varied approach to music. Peep his music whenever you get a chance.
Goldlink – The God Complex

I can label Goldlink has a mish mash of styles. He keeps it gully and gutter. However, the production he chooses waver between moody and slow BPM’s to speedy twerk music. I can deal with him because he comes from a central point of musical honestly. Plus, he can ride a beat. I would have posted the video for “Ay Ay”, but there were too many butt cheeks in that one. Gotta respect my female readers.
J’Von and Lakim – Left EP

This EP surprised me. I knew nothing about any of these artists. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard what they had to say. Hopefully, they can build that following they should receive from making worthwhile music.
Dynamic Equilibrium – Post Crack Era

Many of us complain about there not being enough politically charged hip hop, right? But did anyone pick up Dynamic Equilibrium’s album though? No? Then you probably need to stop complaining. Otherwise, you would know you missed one of the most politically in sync compositions that came out in years.
Stepbrothers – Lord Steppington

So, what is up with this album with Evidence and Alchemist? Well, it bangs. That is pretty much the gist of it all. The production goes hard and even flips when one least expects it. Plus, the guest stars do their part to hold their own. Notch another win for EV and ALC.
Girl Talk x Freeway – Broken Ankles EP

This has to be one of the most missed out pieces of work from 2014. Freeway spazzes out on the production Girl Talk provides. It may be feature heavy. However, that is meaningless. The meaningful part is that the production was varied, Freeway was hungry, and the songs are dope as all hell.
Dilated Peoples – Directors of Photography

They came back. They dropped an entirely impressive album. The hiatus did not make them rusty or wack. They still have it. So, have you bought their album yet?
Vince Staples – Hell Can Wait

Vince Staples came out with TWO projects this year. I’m going to highlight the album, however. Hell Can Wait is the perfect EP to be introduced to Vince and his style of realism. He holds no punches and says what he believes. If you listen to his music, you will see what I’m talking about.
Rapsody – Beauty and the Beast

Rapsody is forever NOT getting the props she deserves. She has rapped circles around many of her peers. Yet, where is the true adulation? She has plenty of fans. However, I am noticing that certain female factions in hip hop don’t get support for certain unnamed reasons. Rapsody has taken notice. You can hear it in her rhymes.
Ras Kass x Apollo Brown – Blasphemy

And I will bet you plenty of people will wonder how they missed this album. Well, that is because you were too busy listening to the radio. Instead, try listening to Ras Kass talk dirty slick talk over Apollo Brown soul loops and chops.
Cunninlynguists – Strange Journey Volume 3

Cunninlynguists are consistently ignored. Why? Who knows. Maybe they don’t talk about stupid stuff that they don’t believe in. Their music, however, has been great over the distance of more than a decade. Strange Journey Volume 3 is no different.
Meyhem Lauren – Silk Pyramids

This is straight up NY styled street talk right here. No frills. No cutesy modern dance moves. Just greasy talk over Buckwild production. This is probably some of the best music you can find if you want your music to be grimey east coast melodies.
Translee – Culture Junky (mixtape)

From a virtual unknown representing Huntsville, Alabama, Translee’s mixtape is damn good. He talks about everything from strip clubs to Black people realizing their full potential. Plenty will ignore still. But many of us need to wake up and see the talent that is around us.
Dutch Rebelle – Rebelle Diaries

99% of you all don’t even know who she is. 98% of you don’t even care. And I bet you I don’t give 100% of a damn. I’m about to represent for this young lady because she needs that push from each and every angle in this hip hop sphere. Keep going hard, Dutch Rebelle. I keep “Goddess” on repeat.
Once again, females that should get their props virtually don’t.
Blitz The Ambassador – Afropolitan Dreams

Blitz The Ambassador is the emcee that originally hails from . However, he has musical dreams. Afropolitan Dreams documents those choices, decisions, wins, and losses. Yet, how many of you have even heard of him?
Blu – Good To Be Home

Blu, using low fi sounds and Bombay production, took things all the way west coast to represent for his hometown of LA. Things are quite lyrically intricate and fully unmastered. Oddly enough, this combination works as he proves to be more artists than just regular everyday emcee.
Blueprint – Respect The Architect

Blueprint has come back with a full-fledged hip hop record. And he came extremely hard. The beat breaks, production, and chops were easily matched by the lyrics of a hip hop sage. I was actually quite thankful that this album dropped. It made me happy to hear it. And I mean tremendously happy.
Statik Selektah – #WhatGoesAround

Statik has mastered the art of the full featured, producer-with-a-boatload-of-guests albums. He did it before with Extended Play and he did it again with #WhatGoesAround. The beats don’t suffer. The rhymes are still sharp. Statik needs to keep going until he runs out of gas.
Stalley – Ohio

What makes this a total win for me is the fact that he went back to Rashad on the production. He needed that sample heavy, yet original production that made the speakers knock. He needed to make references to Chevelles and Navajo rugs and woven blankets. He needed to feature both Rick Ross and De La Soul on his album. He needed to keep it true to Stalley. And he did that.
Souls of Mischief – There is Only Now

Fully produced by Adrian Younge (whom has been everywhere nowadays), Souls of Mischief used real life events to narrate a story of corruption, kidnapping, and eventual redemption. Plus, it featured Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes. Man, you can’t front on music like this.
Cormega – Mega Philosophy

Cormega and Large Professor? Damn right. Did it bang out? Damn right. Do you need to listen to it? Damn right. Cormega and Large Professor are legends in the rap game. Just give them their proper shine.
Damani Nkosi – Thoughtful King

This is what happens when a grown man makes an album from a grown man perspective. No knock to any other artist. Still, when you have seen life and you want to make a change, you take the time to switch things up. Damani Nkosi is the epitome of evolution. You can hear it in his music.
Add 2 x Khrysis – Between Heaven and Hell

Chicago go hard, people. Don’t think all of Chicago is about the drill scene. Add 2 has been at it for some time. This, by far, is one of his most focused projects. Plus, the meaning of it all should be rewarded and not ignored. Yet, we don’t live in a perfect musical world.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect and Happy New Year in Advance!!!