Well, you know Diggame of Ashy2Classy.Net came with those questions again. Feeling like the blogger that I am, I felt like answering them. And you ALL know how my answers can get: part snarky, part hilarious, and all viable accuracies.

I’m just saying. Peep my answers.


  1. Who would have known that someone else unknown would get more sextape view than one Kim Kardashian (*Cough* Farah Abraham)

Well, Kim Kardashian was a practical nobody, for one. Second, this is a person whom started on the TV circuit. Plus, it if a full-fledged porno with anal scenes. Hers was made with the intent of money and masturbation manifestos.

  1. Is Charles Ramsey a hero, cooning, both, or should we just let the man do him?

He’s a hood cat that happened to be at the right place at the right time speaking on a reality that he, and many others, understands. He is an unintentional hero.

  1. Will people every respect the legacy of Floyd Mayweather?

Many already do. Some may not because Mayweather can be an arrogant prick. But I think he will be alright legacy wise. Men lie. Women lie. Numbers tell a different tale.

  1. Will Skylar Diggins looks get more attention than her game?
I hope she put in more work than A$AP Ferg....

I hope she put in more work than A$AP Ferg….

No, not THIS type of work...cot dayummit!!!! Put your clothes back on!

No, not THIS type of work…cot dayummit!!!! Put your clothes back on!

Only if her game sucks monkey balls. Look at Serena Williams. BOTH her looks and her game gets attention (whether you like how she looks or not).

  1. Who would have known Avon Barksdale would be getting it in like this? 4 prison guards pregnant?

I mean, you can’t doubt and underestimate the unknown bounds of loneliness, desperation, and thirst. It gets deep when it comes to those three factors.

  1. Is Chris Broussard with his comments about gay people a douche’ bag or a man of conviction?

Both. He is a douche bag with conviction.

  1. Can Antoine Dobson really pray the gay away?
YOU, sir, shall NOT pray the gay away.

YOU, sir, shall NOT pray the gay away.

If you can PRAY the gay away, then you were never gay. I’m sorry. Praying the gay away means that you just wasn’t gay in the first place. Whatever works.

  1. Regardless of what you think about Charles Ramsey how can you not love him?

You can NOT love him if you are a unbiased HATER.

  1. Has the word “faggot” become a more hated word than “nigger”?

More than likely. Ask some people out there, being “gay” is the new “Black”. Of course, I don’t agree. I don’t see classless counts of regression, media foolishness, and an economy built of the backs of their enslavement. However, I do understand WHY they would feel that way.

  1. How sad are you that Treach and Vinny of Naughty By Nature beefing now?

Very sad. It is almost silly (to a certain extent). I’m not expecting people to stay friends forever. But damn. At some point you have to stay “on the level” with people.

  1. Has Instagram become a haven for male thirsty behavior?

Why wouldn’t it be? Have you seen the amount of thirst that occurs on Facebook and Twitter? Like I said in the previous answer dealing with the prison guards: thirst knows NO bounds. Oh, and thirst gives no fucks.

  1. Why is the site Thirstiest Dudes on Instagram funny and sad for both the men AND the women?

Because, once again, when it comes to thirst…there are no fucks given.

  1. Doesn’t Charles Ramsey look like the Barber from Coming to America?

Ha! That is hilarious. Then again, K. Michelle looks like a chick that is better suited for taking more shots to the face than 50 Cent.

  1. Is K. Michelle’s new song “I Just Wanna” really a new theme song for women??

Hey! My porno boo gets TWO mentions! And yes, it is a new theme song for all those misguided women that think R&B singers are referencing their lame, boring ass lives. Just saying.

  1. Why folks frontin’ like they didn’t get down with Kriss Kross?
Front if you want: this was real music for real kids.

Front if you want: this was real music for real kids.

Kris Kross references their childhood. Many people try to “do away with childish things”. Ask me, childhood was the times in which people was actually “real”. They may have been naïve and a little silly, but they were real.

  1. Why is the information leaking out about X-Men: Days of Future Past starting to make me think the movie is NOT going to be good?

I don’t know. But if this Superman movie is going to be as good as it looks, then Marvel better go for the fucking gold.

  1. Should football player Kerry Rhodes come out gay like Jason Collier did?

I don’t know. Is Kerry Rhode’s career on the tail end like Collins career is? What about Kordell Stewart? He came out already, right?

  1. When is the last time you have listened to any No-Limit music?

As many classics as No-Limit made, I wasn’t their greatest fan. Too much filler. You know I am telling the truth, too.

  1. How bad is the new Lauryn Hill song “Neurotic Society”?

Have you heard a baby seal dying in desperation? It sounds that bad.

  1. Why is it attention whoring by women AND men is apart of the framework of society?

Attention whoring is the framework of our society because many of us haven’t realized that we, as people, serve certain roles. Many attention whores think they are, or seek to be, more important than they really are. Personally, attention whores are annoying. They take up too much time and space being selfish asses just so they can get a spotlight that already has a busted bulb.

  1. Why is it hard to root for the New York Knicks?
This is Melo in the near future: Gone Fishin'

This is Melo in the near future: Gone Fishin’

Carmelo is a star that just doesn’t totally cut the mustard. He plays NO defense. REAL star players play some damn defense. I don’t give a damn what someone says in retort. Any star worth talking about played at least MINIMAL defense. Others? They were fucking GREAT at it (i.e. Michael Jordan).

  1. Are web series the best place for African American’s to see diverse TV viewing?

Yes. That is all that I have. Sorry.

  1. With the two judges in Pennsylvania being convicted in the “Kids for Cash” Case will society start to realize that prison is not just a place for incarceration but also a business?

But most of your prisons are privately owned. Thus, they are businesses in all intent and purposes.

  1. Why is Mr. Cee tap dancing around the fact he has been caught with male-prostitutes 3 TIMES??

The same reason Muhammad Ali tapped dance around the ring: it’s what he does. Hip hop isn’t ready for an openly gay artist or DJ. And if it is, then these artists need to open up.

  1. What is Allen Iverson to do with his life without basketball?

Hopefully, not what Antoine Walker has done: become a fucking loser.

  1. Is PBS not churning out some of the best documentaries about African-American experiences? From Slavery by Another Name to The Central Park 5 and now a more specials from Louis Gates.

PBS will always be respectable to me. They try to do what needs to be done. I may not agree with everything, but I can get down with their main premise: giving to the public.


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