There are so many questions out there that deserve answers. Diggame, my blogger in crime, is one that is willing to ask those rhetorical questions. Personally, I like answering rhetorical questions. No, you aren’t supposed to. But hell, you sure do learn a lot along the way. So, onto the questions and the questioning!

1.)    How wrong was Nicki Minaj for using Malcolm X’s image for her single “Lookin Ass N***A”?

Nicki Minaj Lookin Ass Nigga

Well, that depends on your point of view. If you feel that the historical significance of Malcolm X pales in comparison to the overall message of a “lookin a** n***a”, then you don’t care. However, if you know that Malcolm X would have eloquently put her on blast for even coming up with the idea, you know that Nicki is like a zombified incorrect answer: dead wrong.

2.)    If Nicki Minaj had used a picture of Anne Frank during the Holocaust would it have been the same reaction?

I would hope so. Someone would have called her out on it. Why? Simple: you are associating the lowest common denominator with people that would not condone that foolishness.

3.)    Where is the line drawn when it comes to respecting our history?

We draw the line at associating people/situations with beliefs/concepts that you know damn well they don’t condone.

4.)    Would you pick cotton for $100 an hour?


The only problem with that job is the historical context of it. If slavery wasn’t a historical construct, would this even be a viable question?

5.)    Who would have thought that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin would be going out like Kwame Kilpatrick?

Politics can be a game of simple corruption. Nagin got caught up into it. You have to be a man/woman of strong will and integrity to not get yourself caught within the noose of bribery, underhanded deals, and unfavorable favors. You know The Wire taught us all this. Peace to Clay Davis.

6.)    When did George Zimmerman become a celebrity?


He became a celebrity when people started making him out to be a killer within justified reason. Instead of letting this man go off into the world with no regard, the media follows his every move. Once you are followed that much, regardless of who you are and what you have done, you have some “notoriety”.

7.)    And George Zimmerman claims he is homeless but who really has sympathy for all that?

Only idiots that think it is justified to kill teens because they carry a can of Arizona and Skittles.

8.)    When do these people with kids have time to really spend with their kids when they out every night taking pictures on Instagram?

Ask the babysitters. Or you can ask Ricky Smiley.

9.)    Wonder what the Bishop Eddie Long is doing now?

Well, besides him settling with his church members over some Ponzi scheme ran on them, I have no clue. Preaching lies and deceit in the form of a sermon?

10.)  When they say Lorde is 17 do they mean dog years?

Man, she looked 17 in that video. Then, she looked 78 when she got on the stage for the Grammys. I don’t know, man. The industry has aged her that fast? I question her make up artist. Or her diet. Somebody needs to question someone. LOL!

11.)  Did you know that Young QC aka Qawmane Wilson had his mama killed for insurance money?

Of course. His is a situation where sociopathic behavior meets up with materialism. That is the best explanation for what his particular instance showed us.

12.)  Isn’t it about time we incorporate Black History Month into being American History? (Nicki Minaj and Malcolm X)

Yep. But are you questioning should BLACK people or AMERICA do this. Personally, I’m waiting on the day in which we can do away with Black History Month. Black History is an everyday occurrence that has guided all of our lives and shifted the historical perspectives of the world. However, with forces working to deplete the importance of Black people from textbooks, bastardize our struggles, and White people try to claim a history month so they won’t feel left out, then incorporation is not happening soon.

13.)  Isn’t Tech N9ne one of the most underrated hip hop artists in history?


For what he has achieved? Absolutely. You can’t be someone that is over 40 years old and still heavily relevant in the independent circles of hip hop like Tech N9ne. He still moves a great amount of units, he still performs for big crowds at his shows, and he (along with his partner) is a self-made millionaire.

14.)  Whatever happened to Hurricane Chris? (Ay Bay Bay)

He has a new song with DJ Mustard called Rachet.

15.)  Why didn’t you believe me when I said the Robocop remake was going to suck?

If they didn’t believe you, then they never watched the original. There is no way in hell you could take this new movie seriously if you have seen the original. Was the original the greatest movie ever? No, it was actually kind of low budget in look. However, the original was quite dystopian and fully developed in its look at a bleak future. Even the TV shows within the movie were plain crazy.

Plus, the new movie is PG-13. Enough said.

16.)  Why are people so mesmerized by the idea of the side chick? They have always been part of society right?

Most things not associated with technological advances have been a part of society for a while now. I think the trend of the term “side chick” has increased. Plus, our more popular shows (like Scandal and Being Mary Jane) have prominent characters that are “side chicks”. So, people talk about it more often.

17.)  How is woman going to kill her boyfriend over the #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) hashtag on Instagram?

Well, she is probably just plain batshit crazy. Then again, some people roam around in their relationships thinking that their significant other should only look at, think about, and reminisce about them and them only. Too bad that is contrary to human behavior. But still, that is how they think.

Relationships aren’t a Flamingos’ song: people will not have eyes for only you.

18.)  Who could ever thought Don Lemon could be panned by both Conservatives and Liberals within a 6 month period?

Of course. This can easily happen when you have an opinion that a group will mostly shun. I think the bigger issue is that Don Lemon does not care. And he damn well should not. He should hold onto his beliefs as long as they make some sense. Agree or disagree, at least he is being a man about his stance.

19.)  How many people can really think the objectively about the Jordan Davis/Micheal Dunn case and “Stand Your Ground” like Holly Hughes eloquently stated?

Good question, sir. Many will be as objective. However, many will not. Holly Hughes put it on the line and went for the honest truth. It is like the lawyer in A Time To Kill when he offered his closing statement. All she did was offered the scenario in a situation where the racial roles were reversed.

20.)  Is Kevin Hart winning right now or overexposing himself further down the line?

That depends on how you look at it all. Right now, he is close to being on a winning streak. Ride Along is damn near a blockbuster and About Last Night is turning a pretty profit with a nice score on Rotten Tomatoes. Overexposure only starts when people are tired of seeing him. But if he is consistently winning, then he will stay in the limelight.

21.) How much of a risk is Marvel taking with dropping Guardians of the Galaxy this summer?

Slight risk, to be honest. But, if you are tying in a story line dealing with Thanos, then the Guardians of the Galaxy would have to be included. If they keep the characterization close to the source material, then this will be another success. And you can quote me on that one.


Still wanted to see some former Guardians, though. Like Adam Warlock.

22.)  Could Lebron James in the future legitimately be considered one of the best basketball players of all time??

Only winning more championships and instances of greatness in performance will legitimately make him one of the best of all time. Stats show that he is extremely great. But, NBA greatness is all about winning, and leading those wins, in championships.

23.)  How do you feel about the Arsenio Hall show since it has time to settle in?

Still have not watched it. Don’t plan on watching it, either.

24.)  Will Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli ever get together for another Black Star project?

I hope so. But the signs are not that good for it to happen. Mos Def is doing whatever it is he does. Talib Kweli is too busy performing and putting out good music on his own.

25.)  Whatever happened to the Mos Def and Mannie Fresh project?

The same thing that happened to Detox?

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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